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im actually not here anymore idky i keep rebloggin
im actually not here anymore idky i keep rebloggin
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Shariah Law dictates that every practicing Muslim give a percentage (generally 2.5% but changes depending on who you ask) of their untouched savings to charity.
This “Zakah” (“Alms”), the third pillar of Islam, is to be distributed by the Government or the closest thing to an Islamic Leadership. It promotes investment into economy stimulating ventured as well as reducing inflation and helping the lower class.

This system was so effective that it was during the reign of Umar II (717-720) that was the first time the government did not take Zakah because nobody in the nation was eligible to receive it. The entire population was able to give it. It was since then that the application of Zakah took on a more individual responsibility

So let’s see. Stimulate the economy? Reduce inflation? No more poverty?
Yeah Shariah is going to ruin America.

It’s the job of the Government to collect and distribute it?
Almost none of these countries that America says follows Shariah actually follow Shariah. Most of them don’t even claim to.
If Congress actually examined actual Shariah law they would find practical laws and regulations and obligations. They would find less government interference and milder punishments than seen today and non-Muslims also become exempt from most of the actual punishment and crimes which the US government does not have to enforce.

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    It’s not Islam, but Judaism has similar rules about charity. These rules are fairly strict and most “good” Jews give as...
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